Sailfish OS Arrives on Android Device

Jolla  Sailfish  OS in early 2014 certainly introduced by the former Nokia. Sailfish operating system may also get in on the Android device. On Nov. 27, the first artificial Jolla finally been born, namely smart phones that fall into the middle category with qHD display (960x540) with a 4.5-inch landscape display. Jolla will be sold only in Finland, and there has been no official announcement of its launch in the global market. If Sailfish OS arrives on Android device, people will be more easily recognizable.

Android OS has been known almost all over the country smartphone users. Mobile users who are curious to try Sailfish OS will soon be able to fulfill his desire. The operating system developers are developing custom ROMs for Android. It is spoken directly by the CEO Tomi Jolla Pienimaki to Talouselama sites in Finland recently.

Sailfish OS will be compatible with Android operating system and how to install it into the Android device is very easy. Unfortunately, Tim did not explain in more detail when distributing Jolla Sailfish OS for Android devices.

The good news, such distribution will be provided free of charge or free, although Jolla plans to add features and insert advertising into it as income for them.

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