Ten reasons why LG G3 - the best Android-flagship Now

"We all have simplified" - this phrase head of LG Mobile in England and Ireland is ideally characterizes and explains all the solutions designers Asian vendor. LG G3 minimalistic as far as you can imagine - he is unable to boast a metal casing, but it uses plastic sverhkachestvenny not familiar with the word "soiled." No unnecessary elements, no imposed elegance - 5.5-inch LG G3 is made for those who want to effectively use a smartphone, and not to prove to your friends that the plastic under the skin - it's cool. 149 grams (only 19 grams more than the five-inch Nexus 5) and 9 millimeters in thickness - owners of the new flagship will not have to worry about the size of your mobile assistant.

Display LG G3 - one of the trump cards, all of which have long been known. Nevertheless, the numbers are staggering: 76.4% of the screen occupies the front surface of the gadget, but its a "pixels per inch" far removed from the standard for FullHD 440 ppi - QHD-display (2560h1140) LG G3 provides 538 ppi, and at the moment no of A-brands can not offer anything more clearly.

LG G3 - the first smartphone with a laser autofocus. First, focusing occurs in just 0.2 seconds. Secondly, in order to get the shot, the owner LG G3 only need to click on the area of ​​focus. Thirdly, the camera crazy optics, consisting of six lenses. Fourth, involved double flash module. Fifthly, LG G3 writes video in 4K by focusing not only on the picture, but on the sound.

Most popular in social networks are usually made of a chore and inconvenient - the process of "go to camera - turn frontalku - click on the button" takes at least ten seconds. In LG G3 to # selfie approached creatively - a self-portrait option is activated when the user shrink and razozhmet palm against the front of the camera LG G3.

Using normal keyboard at such a scale would be more like hard labor - one hand LG G3 would have to keep, and the other - to stick to touch the keys. Fortunately, the Korean developers have provided two ways of combating infringement ergonomics. First - the keyboard can be moved up and down the screen. The second (and main) - T9 smart in LG G3 destroys 75% of the errors.

Those who are afraid to store important data on your smartphone, can exhale with relief - in LG G3 has just three steps to gain access to information. The main method of protection - the famous Knock Code: original combination of taps on the screen to avoid penetration to file storage. Content Lock protects favorite folders - when connected to a PC, they simply do not appear. Finally, the function Kill Switch provides remote lock stolen smartphone.

At the presentation it was said that due to the special technology LG G3 with QHD-display will hold a charge as much as flagships and with less quality FullHD. The battery life for the battery capacity of 3000 mAh standard - night in the active mode, the three - mode "calls plus SMS».

LG G3 not limited to banal display weather or bored notification ending memory - the flagship himself warns the owner before going out ("There's rain, you need to take an umbrella") and he offers to delete the files that are opened rarely or not open at all. 
In LG G3 even integrated a special assistant, but, of course, can be turned off if it becomes bothersome than a "clip" of MS Office

Metallic black, silky white, shining gold, lunar purple, red burgundy - LG G3 not only provides a choice of five (!) Colors right from the start, but also allows the potential owner to choose the top-end smartphone modification - primary (16 GB internal memory, 2 GB of RAM) or maximum (32 GB / 3 GB).

Currently, Expansys is accepting pre-orders for the LG G3 unlocked (Model D855), in either black, white, or gold. Both 16GB and 32GB models are available for pre-order. Oddly all carry a $849.99 pre-order price except the white 32GB variant, which is priced at $774.99. Cases for the smartphone can also be bought from the retailer. Sellers on Amazon and eBay are offering the Korean model of the device, model F-400, with a price hovering between $775 and $825. Keep in mind that with this particular variant of the phone, full compatibility with US carriers might be an issue. 

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