Information Samsung Galaxy S4 Newly Launched

Samsung released a new smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S4 launch was held in New York March 16, 2013. Launch Galaxy S4 made ​​by Samsung CEO JK Shin. This new product certainly provides a new and advanced features. Information Samsung Galaxy S4 newly launched, closer to find out.

As widely rumored, Samsung Galaxy S4 scroll features a smart, smart pause and touchless interfaces, s translator,'s helath, Samsung Knox, and Samsung Home Sync

Design Galaxy S4 is similar to S3, and more particularly with the photos that leaked onto the internet. He will go on sale worldwide in late April. Galaxy S4 supports LTE connectivity, and weighs 130 grams, Full HD Super AMOLED screen, the density of 441ppi.
While the body is made of polycarbonate material. "Speaking about the TouchWiz update, it is now much more alive than ever," said Ryan Bidan, Samsung Director of Product Marketing.

Galaxy S4 excellent features, such as infrared LEDs that make this device could be a remote control for the TV. To support the performance, Galaxy S4 uses 2GB RAM, 16/32/64 GB storage, 8 sensors, including infrared gesture, temperature, and humidity. The performance was supported by a 2600 mAh battery power.

One of the advantages Samsung Galaxy S4 are on display at the launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 is dual camera feature which allows the user to use the camera snapped a picture with the front and back simultaneously. At dual camera activated, the images recorded by the camera will appear on the front screen of the device in the form of a smaller frame. Users can also add audio duration 5 seconds before shooting. Still less? Galaxy S4 captures 100 times in 4 seconds, and then select multiple images to be displayed in a single frame.

If you plan to travel abroad, Translator Galaxy S S4 features can be useful for you. He can understand 9 languages​​, speech to text and text to speech. The photos that record when it traveled up you can just see the people closest to you at home using Home Sync, private cloud software that can be used up to 8 users.

Elsewhere, Samsung showcased's Voice Drive, which is useful when you are driving a car. It also features Smart Switch, where the user can transfer everything to a PC, or vice versa, similar to iOS switcher. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S4 equipped Knox, a new security system that can share your phone to a personal mode and work mode, similar to the ability of BlackBerry Z10.

Water Smart Gesture and Scroll, a feature that has been discussed for several crowded last weekend finally actually present in the Galaxy S4. Air Gestures allow users to control devices without the need to touch it, while Smart Scroll / Pause is useful when you are watching a video or reading.

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