New iPad Air will be thinner than its predecessor

In the web almost behind panels and images blanks iPhone 6 made ​​directly at the factory, there were images and the next version of iPad Air, which Apple is also preparing to release.
Judging by the pictures, "apple" the second version of the tablet will get thinner and wider viewing angles. This will be achieved due to the fact that the display iPad Air 2 uses the same technology as the iPhone 4 (protective glass and the screen itself constitute a single element). This was reported in the Dutch blog

It is not excluded that the American corporation can not change the thickness of 7.5 mm, and use the freed space for larger battery capacity.
On the other changes iPad Air 2 not reported. However, according to analysts, the new product can be applied next-generation processor A8, as well as sensor fingerprints.
According to Chinese sources, as the main supplier of screens for iPad Air 2 perform Samsung, and more - Sharp and LG.

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