Apple iPhone 5S Review and Price

Apple is one of the major players in the world smartphone market. They lead the list of the top selling smartphone brand with one of their flagship iPhone. Public certainly can not wait for the development of specifications and other features that make Apple’s highly anticipated smartphone presence. In fact every new product that comes up, as their final product, the iPhone 5S, such people can not wait to get it. As they have done before, which is charming and elegant design backed with advanced processor capabilities has always been the main characteristic on each product from Apple, including the Apple iPhone 5S is becoming their latest weapon. To facilitate you learn a few things related to this product, we will bring the Apple iPhone 5S reviews and price.

Feature: This smartphone is equipped with various interesting features typical of iOS that will make your needs are met on a smartphone. Apple seeks to maintain the performance and features of the class, so that the world's largest vendor managed to create a smartphone that is slim and lightweight and sturdy as the iPhone 5S rear coated with aluminum.

Camera: One of the advantages possessed by the iPhone 5S is a built-in camera in the back lanes greatest consideration to get the best product. iPhone 5S is equipped with two cameras, each of which has a resolution of 8 megapixels lens to the back and 1.2 on the front. Smartphone is also equipped with features such as Panorama to take a picture with panorama mode so that you can leave your pocket camera at home. As for feature-Low-light mode, the iPhone 5S also provide services to support image capture in low light conditions.

Processor: Currently iPhone 5S is equipped with the latest dual processor chip A7 so accelerated work processes become 2x faster than the previous processor types. Battery consumption of this new type of processor used may also be quite efficient because the technology used is very sophisticated.

Price                              : 199 USD - 399 USD
Size                               : (L x W x H cm) x 5.86 x 0.76 12:38
Weight (kg)                   : 0.112 kg
Screen Size (in)             : 4.0
Screen Resolution         : 1136 x 640
Memory                        : 1GB of RAM
Internal Storage            : 16/32/64GB Storage Capacity
Operating System         : iOS
Processor                       : Apple Processor Type A7
Screen                           : Features HD Display | Gorilla Glass
Network                        : 4G Wireless Connections | Bluetooth | WiFi | EDGE | 3G
                                       Single SIM GSM
Input Device USB - Card Reader - LAN
Output Device 3.5mm jack - USB - HDMI
Power                            : Battery Li-Po 1440 mAh

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