Specifications BlackBerry 10

There are data on the specifications BlackBerry 10 series L. The information was published on the website Rapid Berry. It is expected that the new smartphone will be available in three variations, the main difference between them lies in the installed CPU. The list of possible models: London, Laguna and Lisbon.
Mobile devices will be equipped with HD capacitive touch screens, screen diagonal of 4.2 inches. Operating resolution is 1280 * 768 pixels. Performance provides one gigabyte of RAM. Funded volume is 16 gigabytes of memory, at which it can be expanded with cards MicroSD. MegaPixel camera is 8 megapixels, also features autofocus, LED lights from. With the smartphone can record high-definition video (1080p), the number of frames per second than thirty.

Solid performance novelties from Research in Motion in different networks provide modules Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS. Battery capacity 1800 mAh. Be sure to come in handy availability ports microHDMI and microUSB.

Processor, which will be equipped with smart London - TI OMAP4. Mobile devices of the line models Laguna and Lisbon will be based on processor Qualcomm Snapdragon. BlackBerry 10 expected sizes of 130 * 65.6 * 9 millimeters. Mass number is not specified.

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