Windows Phone 8.1 Hands-on Review and Price

An exciting news comes from Microsoft as a developer of windows operating system which will soon be launching a series of their latest OS, Windows 8.1. There are a lot of expectations that you can take to fulfill some specific things that will be the path of light to give you. Although in general Windows 8.1 hands-on do not specifically change the appearance, but there is a special thing that distinguishes the look of Windows 8.1 with earlier versions such as 8.0. The difference you can see when you first look at it is that the new display interface of Windows 8.1 is more catchy and interesting unlike the previous generation. It is important be done right now before you start looking for a phone Windows 8.1 hands-on review and price. Although the actual Windows 8.1 OS has a lot of differences with its predecessor, but the development that they can give to you is now more on the advanced features and applications that can help you to do interesting activities.

As it has been shown by Microsoft when they introduce the latest series of windows 8.1, they provide facilities for users to customize Tiles available in more specific appearance of the interface. Embedded applications will automatically be upgraded for Internet-connected network continuously. Bing also provides latest updates on interesting applications that you can try through their notification service. As much as possible you can do some changes with just a touch away. You can find your phone Windows 8.1 hands-on review and price of any sort, but you have to be sure first before buying it. Microsoft also supplies a range of Windows 8.1 with the latest built-in applications such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Facebook for Windows 8.1, Adobe Photoshop Express, Nook and others. This will help you get what you need with ease.

There are interesting things you can look at before buying a Windows 8.1, Microsoft will enhance the performance capabilities of the system to support multi-tasking programs. This is not just a run multiple programs simultaneously, but it also displays up to five programs in the same screen. So you do not need to minimize some of the programs that do not fill the screen. It's just multi-tasking support for this depends on the dimensions of the user's device screen. Our track record of Windows 8.1 with the ability to process video editing along with sending email and all works well. Microsoft also introduced a synchronization system like that can be found on the Apple devices that can share files from a Mac to an iPhone, iPad or Mac Book. You can synchronize the equipment you carry with some other gadgets or even with your laptop device.

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