New Features on the Flagship Galaxy S4

L-Phone - Samsung provides a number of new features on the flagship Galaxy S4. One of them is that they develop a "natural interaction" which was first introduced in the Galaxy S III. New features that support the performance of the Galaxy series for the better and have the advantage.

The first thing they did was take the "Water View" of the Galaxy Note II, a feature that allows users to preview the file from an application or simply by placing a finger on the screen, without the need to touch it. Examples are opening additional information from an email, video preview, and zoom photos in the gallery without the need to open the photo. Galaxy Note II in the feature is only available on the use of the S Pen, but the Galaxy S4 can be used on the fingers.

Another feature is the "Air Gestures" that lets you use gestures to change the song being played, receive incoming calls, and move quickly from the bottom or the top of a web page. Samsung said that the gesture was designed for situations "hands-free" and "hands-full" for example, when your hands are full of groceries.

Samsung also remained buried Stay Smart features with eye-tracking in the Galaxy S4. However, this time the feature is more developed with what is on the Galaxy S III. Galaxy S4 will pause the video being played when users looked away from the screen of the smartphone, and Samsung also gives a distinctive name for the feature, the Smart Pause.

The Korean company also provides a feature called Smart Scroll, which allows users to scroll through content such as web pages using only the eyes and round the wrist.

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