Cause Sony Xperia X8 Automatic Restart

Anyone experiencing the Sony Xperia X8 often automatic restarts. It is possible that the memory is full sudeh. One of the cases the cause Sony Xperia X8 automatic restart during use when I see pictures in the gallery picture freeze in the middle can not slide.

However Xpereia X8 stuck, it is caused by the virtual memory of the 'choke, the rest is very small. Just to remind you, RAM the phone is in the range of 128 MB only. Compare with many other products that already use at least 256 MB of RAM standard. Both symptoms restart and loading images, can be caused by this.

Checking memory Xperia which often restart
When the restart issues related to mobile phone, despite the condition of the memory card is not full then try to turn the Xperia X8 without a memory card. When they occur, there may be the firmware problem, update it to the latest version that is compatible with the Xperia X8.

Or if teryata without memory card after Xperia X8 running normally, then the most likely problem is in the memory card. Try to re-format memory card card.

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  1. i am formatted memory card and install custom Rom(FroyoBread v023b). again when i am calling some one my xperia x8 randomly rebooted.
    phone charging time when i am call someone cannot rebooted