The History of Cell Phone

Cell phone or mobile phone today has mushroomed as a laptop or computer. Neither of elementary school children to grandparents now use mobile phones to communicate. But does anyone know who the inventor of the mobile phone or the mobile phone itself?? Sharing this time I will talk about the history of mobile phones or mobile phones.

Definition mobile phone
Cell phone is an electronic telecommunications device that has the same basic capabilities of conventional fixed-line telephone, but can be taken anywhere (portable, mobile) and need not be connected to the telephone network using a wired (wireless; wireless) Has two mobile phone network is the GSM (Global System for Mobile Telecommunications) system and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access).

History of handphone cellular
The inventor of the first mobile phone system is Martin Cooper, a Motorola employee at the manufacturer on 03 April 1973, although often mentioned cell phone inventor is a team of one division of Motorola (division where Cooper worked) with the first model is the DynaTAC. The idea of ​​the type proposed by Cooper is a communication tool that is small and easy to carry travel flexibly.

Cooper and his team faced the challenge of how to include all electronic material into a small device for the first time. Finally a first phone was successfully completed with a total weight of weighing two kilograms. To make, manufacturer Motorola will cost approximately U.S. $ 1 million. "In 1983, portable phones worth U.S. $ 4 thousand (Rp36 million), equivalent to U.S. $ 10 thousand (Rp90 million).

Having succeeded in producing mobile phones, the next biggest challenge is adapting infrastructure to support mobile communication systems by creating a network system that only requires 3 MHz spectrum, the equivalent of five TV channels are channeled to the rest of the world.

Another character that is known to be instrumental in the mobile communications world is Amos Joel Jr. who was born in Philadelphia, March 12, 1918, he was recognized worldwide as an expert in the field of switching. He received a bachelor diploma (1940) and master's (1942) in electrical engineering from MIT. Not long after the study, he began his career over 43 years (from July 1940-March 1983) at the Bell Telephone Laboratories, where he received more than 70 U.S. patents in the field of telecommunications, particularly in switching. Amos E Joel Jr., making the system connector (switching) from one region of the cell phone to another cell area. Switching it should work when mobile users move or move from one cell to another so that the conversation is not interrupted. Since the discovery of Joel Amos is a convenient mobile use.

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